Day #851 (Thu., May 3, 2012) – “I Make A Song”

2012-05-03 - Katie In A Bubble
2012-05-03 - Katie In A Bubble

Katie sure loves the activities in the community park. In the photo to the right you can see her fooling around in the bubble…

My wife was with Katie in the park and a woman with a dog and a sleeping baby in a stroller came by. Katie walked up to the stroller and asked the baby “Why are you sleeping”? She then said “tickle, tickle” and started to tickle the baby. The mother said that it was okay as the baby needed to get up…but my wife backed Katie away…

Katie has started to sing songs as of late. We were wondering up til now why she didn’t seem to have any interest in singing but I guess that is over. This evening she was banging on the lamp stand with a paint stir stick. When I asked her what she was doing she said “I Make A Song”. Alas she accidentally hit herself in the eye with the paint stir stick and went bawling to mommy for comfort, but that’s another story.

This evening Katie said that she wanted some milk and juice. As my wife went out to get it I said you can only have one. Do you want milk or juice? She said milk and then paused a minute and said and an ice cream cone.

After I went to bed my wife tried to put Katie to bed but it was not to be. She ended up giving her a dish of strawberries that she cut in half. Katie responded with “Oh no, strawberries broken. Ok, I fix”. She then proceeded to put the two halves together.

1) Katie tried to fix some strawberries this evening.