Day #861 (Sun., May 13, 2012) – Katie’s 3rd Mother’s Day

2012-05-13 - Mother's Day Card
2012-05-13 - Mother's Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day! Our neighbors had a patio party planned for later in the day but it has been cancelled due to a chance of rain, so it looks like we will be home this year. Maybe I’ll make something nice for dinner tonight… Katie and I made a Mother’s Day Card for mommy (see photo to the right).

My wife took Katie to the park this morning so I had a nice long sleep. I’m thinking that we should do this more often…tag team up on Katie for when she won’t sleep. Sometimes both my wife and I are up late trying to put Katie to sleep. If one of us goes to bed for a nap he/she will be well rested if Katie decides that she is going to stay up even later…

I had a Skype session with my mother so she could see Katie and I could wish her Happy Mother’s Day. My wife was too tired to stay up so she went to bed for a nap. Katie was supposed to be going to bed for a nap too but, well, that’s Katie for you! The only way that I could get her into the bedroom to say hi to grandma was to bring in the nylon deer fence that was bundled up in our front doorway. Of course that is an absolute necessity if you are going to Skype…

While my wife and child slept I finished putting the safety latches on the kitchen drawers…at least the ones that house the cutlery. I will have to ask my wife which ones we should put safety latches on next. There are so many drawers and cabinets that Katie likes to get into and throw things onto the floor…it will take time to put latches on them all.

I was so tired this evening that I just collapsed on the bed. I happened to mention to Katie “Why don’t you go to bed as well?” Well, she tucked me in, put two of her sleeping sacks on me, said “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bites”, then ran to her mother to put her to bed. Gotta remember this trick…

1) Katie tucked me in this evening.