Day #860 (Sat., May 12, 2012) – Trip To Katie’s 1st House

We got an email from the real estate agent of our old house that they are almost done with the repairs. So, we bundled up Katie early this morning and took a trip back to Cary. Katie enjoyed seeing her old house but was a bit perplexed as it was empty with no furniture and any of her toys. She enjoyed running around in the empty rooms and halls. Here’s a list of what has changed:

2012-05-12 - Old Fireplace
2012-05-12 - Old Fireplace
  • The fans and lights have been changed.
  • The marble surrounding the fireplace has been changed from ugly pink to a nice charcoal color (see photo to the right).
  • They painted the walls in a beige color rather than the vanilla white it was originally

On the drive back to Chapel Hill I dropped my wife and Katie off at Bond Park and went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken so that we would not need to cook when we got home. Katie loved it…which is good as she will be ready to sleep when we get back to Chapel Hill (or so we thought).

When we arrived in Chapel Hill the guys were there taking away the branches and logs. They had already cut down the ivy and will be returning next Saturday to finish up. They found a couple of copperhead snakes in the ivy so now that it is gone hopefully the snakes will be as well.

I figured out how to put the safety latches on the drawers in the kitchen.

1) Katie got to see her old house today.