Day #859 (Fri., May 11, 2012) – Katie’s New Chair

Our friends from Charlotte stopped off to visit us this afternoon. I was at work for most of the day but got to see them when I got home. They brought a little chair for Katie…which Katie just loves. It is green and plush and is very similar to the Lazy Boy that daddy has. She sits in it and reclines and has a grand old time watching the television.

Katie and I kicked the ball around on the patio for a while this evening.

2012-05-12 - Katie's New Chair
2012-05-12 - Katie's New Chair

This evening I gave Katie the red plastic piggy bank that I got at the Dollar Store the other day. We enjoyed taking turns putting coins into it and then taking them out again.

8:05pm – Katie is sitting in her new chair and enjoying “Ruby And Max” (see photo to the right). She sure loves that chair… Thanks friends in Charlotte!

Katie is still getting into the kitchen drawers and throwing the various utensils on the floor so that is my next project…how to secure them. They are old fashioned drawers so I can’t take them apart to screw the various pieces in place.

1) Katie just loves her new chair from Charlotte.