Day #870 (Tue., May 22, 2012) – Kissing Katie

I talked to our babysitter Ramona just before I left for work this morning. She said that a girl at the park tried to kiss Katie the other day but she was having nothing of it. As the other girl came closer with lips puckered Katie would put on an ugly face and squirm away. She don’t like “Kissy Kissy”…at least most of the time.

2012-05-22 - Paper Towel Holder
2012-05-22 - Paper Towel Holder

My wife took Katie out for a walk this evening so I had a few free moments to fix some stuff around the house. I put a new paper towel holder that my wife got from Amazon today over the sink area (see photo to the left). I also put a safety latch on one of the drawers in the 2nd bathroom. My wife wants to keep her jewelry there so now Katie will not be able to get at it.

Katie is a real terror with the paint brush. She painted our oven the other day and today she left her mark on our dining room table and one of the walls. It is water soluble (thank goodness) but it is still quite a mess to clean up.

1) Katie is a real terror with the paint brush.