Day #872 (Thu., May 24, 2012) – It’s A Rocket Ship!

2012-05-24 - I Splash
2012-05-24 - I Splash

Katie loves mud puddles! She will jump in them and say “I Splash”! In the photo to the left you can see her splashing about in our driveway. Our new house is in the background.

When I got home from work this evening my wife and Katie were at the driveway entrance talking to the neighbors. I had never met John the Doctor so after I parked the car I walked down to introduce myself. We talked for a while and they offered to give us a lot of their house and home tools…which we readily accepted. I showed Katie an airplane that was flying overhead and she said “It’s a Rocket Ship!”…and proceeded to put her arms out and make a spaceship sound. Where does she get this stuff from? I guess from cartoons…

I brought Katie a special present this evening…old sheets from my calendar at work. I put them on the living room floor and she “patched” on them for a while.

1) Katie thought an airplane was a spaceship today.