Day #877 (Tue., May 29, 2012) – Kidzu Children’s Museum

2012-05-29 - Baby Deer
2012-05-29 - Baby Deer

The deer in our neighborhood are starting to have babies…check out the photo to the right.

Last night my wife bought an annual membership to the Kidzu Children’s Museum in downtown Chapel Hill for $75. This means the a maximum of 2 adults and 4 kids can go as much as they want for a year. Our babysitter Ramona took Katie there today for the first time. We first learned of it last week when Ramona overheard a conversation at the park. Women were mentioning that they were going to take their children there because summer was coming and it would soon be too hot to go to the park during the heat of the day.

Ramona said that there were 6 little rooms and lots of kids for Katie to play with. Apparently the kids (including Katie) were running around and taking things off the shelves and putting them on the floor so the parents were running around like mad after them trying to “re-organize” things.

There is a room with books so Ramona read Katie a story. They have storytime every Tuesday for little ones but they just missed it today.

Tonight my wife took Katie for a walk. For some reason Katie wanted to go to the right and then to the left so they ended up at the end of the dead end street. They saw a little siamese cat. It was very shy and would not come to Katie. They say that siamese cats are very smart and wise and this confirms it.

1) Katie went to the Kidzu Children’s Museum for the first time today.