Day #876 (Mon., May 28, 2012) – Katie’s 3rd Memorial Day

2012-05-28 - Bird Eggs
2012-05-28 - Bird Eggs

I got up in the middle of the night and started to lay tiles down. I started off with the fridge area. Looks some nice. I’m going to flatten the floor and lay the tiles as I go.

Remember the hanging pot of flowers that I hung for my wife a while back? Well, a bird has made a nest in it (see photo to the left).

Ramona came to work today. We thought that we would have a bit of a break and since she was willing to work we were more than willing to have her. She took Katie to the park and my wife and I had a nice long lunch and a movie.

My wife and Katie found mushrooms? in the garden next to our driveway this evening…at least we think? We’re not really up on differentiating mushrooms from toadstools so my wife threw them down the hill rather than risk Katie eating them. Katie was a bit upset and said “Mushrooms fall down”.

This is Katie’s Third Memorial Day. I made her some turkey hamburgers with cheese for her to munch on. She loved them. In fact she ate some of my wife’s as well. Here it is 6:50pm and she is still eating. You can never tell when she is going to eat like a bird or eat like a pig.

1) My wife and I left Katie with the babysitter and went to lunch and a movie today.