Day #879 (Thu., May 31, 2012) – “Dad I Make Some Purple Grass”

My wife had an 8am doctor’s appointment so I’m taking care of Katie til she returns (or the babysitter arrives)…which ever comes first. It’s 8:09am now and I hear some “rustling” in the baby’s room so Katie will probably be up soon. I already have some warm milk ready for her…she tends to cry in the morning til she has her milk and it can take time to heat it up via our bottle warmer.

2012-05-31 - Mickey Mouse Paddle
2012-05-31 - Mickey Mouse Paddle

I went to the Dollar Store at noon today and picked up about $15 worth of “Special Presents”. I will give them to her one at a time when she needs a “treat”. I got some plastic balls and some erasers and this evening I gave her a Mickey Mouse paddle (see photo to the left) with some table tennis balls. I would hit the balls against the wall and Katie would go after them and put them into the package.

This evening Katie and I were “patching” on blank paper. I drew a farm and some animals at Katie’s direction. Katie then started to hit her crayon on the paper and said “I make some footprints”. She then said “Dad I make some purple grass”.

1) Katie drew some purple grass today.