Day #880 (Fri., June 1, 2012) – Jumping On Daddy

3:00am – Katie is up and my wife is exhausted so I took over. I tried to put Katie to bed and even went as far as putting her in the crib but she was having nothing to do with it. So, I took her back to the living room and made her some cereal. As she watched the cartoons I fed her the cereal (it had granola in it but Katie mostly just slurped the milk). We then did a bit of “patching” on paper. Eventually she said “I go to bed now” and walked over to her crib. I put her in the crib and turned out the light and that was that…

The electrician came this morning to put 3-prong outlets in our house. He accidentally unplugged the carbon monoxide device and the alarm went off. What a racket. Katie slept through it…

2012-06-01 - Sugar
2012-06-01 - Sugar

For Katie’s meal this afternoon my wife asked her if she wanted some of the pasta that she had in the fridge. Katie replied “No, it’s kind of cold”. She loves “sugar”…which is in reality a bowl of yogurt. She often leaves “Sugar Droppings” as you can see in the photo to the right.

When I came home from work my wife and Katie were in the driveway. Katie was crying because she wanted to go see her friend Zach the dog. I asked her if she would rather go see Zach or come see daddy. Lost out on that one…

This evening I was typing on my laptop in the bed and Katie decided that she would try and climb up on my back and say “Horsey”. I think that we might have to enroll Katie in a gymnastics class like Shawn Johnson’s parents did. Check out this article about her climbing cabinets and jumping off tables.

1) We might need to enroll Katie in a gymnastics class if she keeps all this climbing up.