Day #881 (Sat., June 2, 2012) – Another Long Night I Fear…

2012-06-02 - Kitchen Floor
2012-06-02 - Kitchen Floor

My wife took Katie to the park this morning so that I could work on the kitchen floors. I have them under the fridge now (as you can see in the photo to the left). They are shaping up quite nicely. That adhesive on the back of the tiles is a lot like thick fly paper adhesive.

4:00pm – Katie refuses to go to bed for her nap this afternoon. My wife went for a nap so it is my turn to take over. Katie and I are currently on the bed watching some “Little Bear”. She brought a bunch of yellow blocks with her and from time to time we play the “yellow tower tickle the nose” game. I will lean the tower of blocks over til the top of them touches Katie on the nose…she will laugh with delight.

Katie got up at 8pm from her nap. It’s going to be a long night I fear…

Katie wanted me to help her build towers with her building blocks so we did that for a while. We then ended up playing with balloons. She was fascinated with how you could blow it up and when I let it go it would fly about.

Later on in the evening my wife put Katie in the bathtub. I was trying to watch a hockey game (postnote: the Kings beat the Devils 2-1 in overtime) but Katie kept calling my name so I went to sit beside her and help her make imaginary tea and feed her plastic pig and chicken. I can now mark these two things off my “things to do before I die list”.

1) Another long night with Katie.