Day #882 (Sun., June 3, 2012) – Dishwasher Shopping

2012-06-03 - Bridge
2012-06-03 - Bridge

9:30am and Katie is still sleeping. She eventually got up at 10:40am. My wife took her to the park (see photo to the left) and I put some grout on the kitchen floor and put safety latches on some of the cabinets.

This evening we decided that we would go shop for a dishwasher. The plan since we moved into our new house has been to do them by hand but what a time waster. We went to Moe’s for a burrito and quesadilla first, then to Home Depot and Lowe’s. Home Depot didn’t have much to offer but there was a Bosch unit at Lowe’s that offered some potential. It has knobs of the top (so Katie will not be able to get to them) and a timer on the front so we will be able to tell how much time is left. They had it on sale for 10% off then we have a coupon for another 10%. Free delivery and they will take the old dishwasher away. Quite the deal, but we are going to check the reviews on Amazon first.

After we were done shopping for dishwashers Katie enjoyed checking out their selection of flowers. On the way home we stopped off at Yogurt Pump for some yogurt. After Katie was done tasting my wife’s for a while she got up and started to run back towards the shop with daddy in tow. Once I opened the door she ran inside and tried to fit her hands behind the glass to get some more toppings. She apparently saw daddy get some of them on his yogurt and wanted to give it a try. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of this child…

11pm and Katie is still up. She brought us a box of crayons…the old ones that we have been searching for. They were in one of the cabinets…the one that Katie sometimes goes into to “hide”.

1) We took Katie dishwasher shopping this evening.