Day #886 (Thu., June 7, 2012) – Our Little Gymnast

When I got home from work this evening Katie was crying like crazy. She wanted to go outdoors and see the sights. My what an outdoor child we have. As she was going down the road she heard her friend Zach the dog barking. She yelled out to Zach not to worry…they were coming to rescue them from the bondage of the house.

2012-06-07 - Organizing Coins And Shells
2012-06-07 – Organizing Coins And Shells

Katie was into organizing this evening. The photo to the right shows her collection of “coins” and “sea shells”. She gets upset when you spoil her collection by putting something with them that doesn’t belong.

Later in the evening as Katie was watching television she started to do reverse pushups where her hands were on the couch and her feet were on the coffee table. She can’t seem to sit still. I’m constantly reminded of Shawn Johnson the gymnast when I am with her. I’ve been thinking of creating a balance beam for her. It wouldn’t take much…just a 2″x4″ piece of lumber spread across the living room. She could get practice balancing as she walked across it.

This evening I read Katie a story. When she saw the hippo on the front page she recognized it as a hippo…she usually says it is a crocodile.

1) Katie tried to rescue her friend Zach the dog from the bondage of the house today.