Day #887 (Fri., June 8, 2012) – Balancing Beam

This evening I went down to the basement and got a 2×4 (see photo to the left) and set it up in the living room. Without even explaining to her what it was all about she was on it and walking back and forth. Our little gymnast.

We saw four deer in our backyard this evening. Two of them had antlers so two male and two female. We were looking at them through the window and they were staring back. They certainly aren’t afraid of people.

8:15pm – Katie is having a “temper tantrum”. She wants to go outside and it is dark so we are trying to calm her down. Nothing seems to work…games…toys…food…television. My former boss told me that things will get better once she turns 80…78 more years to go…

1) I set up a “balance beam” for Katie this evening.