Day #894 (Fri., June 15, 2012) – I Want To Go That Way

I was sneezing and coughing this morning so I decided to work from home. I don’t want to pass on a cold/flu bug to the rest of the team if I can avoid it.

It seems that the two areas Katie likes to spend the most time in is either the living room or the master bedroom. When you take her out of the nursery you will often hear her say “I want to go that way” and point towards the master bedroom. This is where daddy plays tent with her.

2012-06-15 - Katie Sees Some Deer
2012-06-15 – Katie Sees Some Deer

Katie is growing up in a neighborhood of deer (as you can see in the photo to the right).

My wife told me that she is thinking of delaying piano lessons for Katie til she is a bit older. You can start lessons for 3 year old kids but once they are 5 or so they learn much quicker and can pick up the ground rather quickly. Given the price of lessons we can delay this cost and put it instead into something that we think Katie really does need at her age…gym classes or such. She is such an energetic and “tumbling” tot that we need something to burn off all that extra energy. In this way perhaps she will be less inclined to go jumping on mommy and daddy.

1) Katie is growing up in the midst of tons of deer.