Day #908 (Fri., June 29, 2012) – The Elmo Balloon

2012-06-29 - Elmo Balloon
2012-06-29 – Elmo Balloon

On the way home from work today I stopped off the Dollar Store to get some toys for Katie. The helium balloon that my wife picked up for Katie a while back is looking a “little tired” so I picked her up an Elmo Balloon (see photo to the left) for starters. I also got her a plastic red baseball bat and ball, some flash cards, and some “glow in the dark” bracelets. I gave her the Elmo Balloon this evening and will give her the other gifts as “Special Presents” in the upcoming days when she is a bit fussy and looking for something to do…

It was too hot to take Katie out for a walk this evening so we decided that we would take Katie to Lowe’s to see the flowers. She was still not tired so we ended up at Toys ‘R Us down the street. There was a little assortment of bubble making wands for $1.00 that Katie wanted so we purchased that for her.

Heading home, as we turned onto our street around 9pm, in the dark, Katie said that she wanted to go to the Kidzu Museum. At 9pm! Mommy and daddy are going home…and as a result, Katie too… Our child has the lifestyle of a rock and roller…but she doesn’t pull in the same money…

1) Katie went to Toys R’ Us for the first time this evening.