Day #907 (Thu., June 28, 2012) – Japanese Cucumbers

2012-06-28 - New Songbooks
2012-06-28 – New Songbooks

The photo to the left shows the two new songbooks we got in the mail yesterday.

6:45pm – My wife took Katie next door to see Zach the dog. This is one of the highlights of Katie’s day. Unfortunately nobody was at home so they had to burn off Katie’s energy elsewhere. As they were passing one of our other neighbors’ house the lady recognized Katie’s voice and went out to greet them. When they were not in in sight she came over to see me at the house and left some Japanese cucumbers out of their garden. We gave Katie some when she got back from her walk and she loved them.

This evening we were playing on the bed when Katie started to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I asked her if she wanted me to accompany her on the guitar and she said yes. We went out to the living room and I played this song for her and she sang a big but things really got entertaining when I started to play “Home On The Range” and my wife joined Katie in dancing to it. Katie would keep saying “Want to play again” and so I would. Had to stop eventually as my fingers were getting sore (haven’t played a steel string guitar in a while).

1) Katie sure loved to dance to the song “Home On The Range” this evening.

2012-06-28 – New Songbooks