Day #914 (Thu., July 5, 2012) – “Twister” Arrives

I’m still not used to how quickly Katie will pick up on things that I say. As I was leaving for work today I mentioned the frozen yogurt that we had last night. Katie thought that we were going for frozen yogurt now and when I left without her she cried and cried.

2012-07-05 - Twister
2012-07-05 – Twister

We got the game “Twister” in the mail today (see photo to the left). We thought that it would be fun for the whole family to play as Katie likes physical games like this. She is a bit too young to understand the concept just yet, but she sure loved to spin the spinner. As a “twist” on the game I would spin the spinner and whatever color it came to I would get Katie to put that color block on that color on the mat. After 3 “reds” came up in a row Katie took matters into her own hands. She grabbed ahold of the spinner and put the needle on “green”. She then went and put a “green” block on the green circle on the mat. Not quite what I intended but she had fun.

1) Katie is at the age where I have to be careful what I say around her.