Day #918 (Mon., July 9, 2012) – The “Special Present” Cash Drawer

When I came home from work this evening my wife and Katie were playing out on the patio. Katie wanted so show me how she splashed about in the turtle sandbox/pool, and of course she was interested in learning if I had a “Special Present” to give to her. I did…

2012-07-09 - Cash Drawer
2012-07-09 – Cash Drawer

Tonight’s “Special Present” was a Dollar Store dollar bill and coin cash drawer (see photo to the right). It had sections for dollar bills and coins and operated very much like the cash drawer of a cash register. Katie loves playing with coins and dollars and money in general, but she is a bit too young to understand the concept of taking money and giving change. She refers to them as “Umi Dollars” (after the Umi-Zoomi Television Show).

Katie spun around and hit her lip on the side of the futon this evening. She drew blood and cried for a bit but soon “sucked it up”. This girl is one tough kid.

1) Katie will usually “suck it up” when she is mildly injured.