Day #924 (Sun., July 15, 2012) – Purple Plastic Spider

This morning my wife had to return some stuff to J.C. Penney so we bundled up Katie and took her to the mall. They have a little playground outside of J.C. Penney so Katie spent quite a bit of time there. When we were done we stopped off at Subway Sandwiches at the mall food court, then home.

When Katie woke up from her nap this afternoon we bundled her up again and took her to the Mayflower Restaurant in Durham for dinner. She loves to see the goldfishes in the aquariums and was generally well behaved. As we were pulling out of the parking lot she mentioned Chuck E. Cheeses, so off we went. She associates one with the other so it looks like we will not be able to separate the two…at least in her mind.

2012-07-15 - Purple Plastic Spider
2012-07-15 – Purple Plastic Spider

At Chuck E. Cheeses we got a photo “id card” with Katie’s picture on it. You put one of the tokens in the machine and sit Katie down in front of it and voila. Katie was not as wild in running in the play tubes that circled overhead this evening for some reason.

As we left Katie got to pick a prize out of the “10 point” box and she chose a purple plastic spider (see photo to the left). We are not sure why she made this choice but it is probably because she has each one of the other gifts in this box by now.

1) Katie loves purple spiders?