Day #925 (Mon., July 16, 2012) – Katie’s Little Jig

2012-07-16 - Plastic Bugs
2012-07-16 – Plastic Bugs

Yesterday we were noticing that Katie is playing more and more with little figurines so I stopped off at the Dollar Store at noon today to get some more. I got a package of little plastic insects (see photo to the left) and gave them to her this evening. Of course she wanted to bring them into the tent. I guess that daddy will be sleeping on them this evening.

Katie couldn’t find her pals (i.e.: Pluto & Minnie Mouse & Donald Duck) so she took me to her bedroom and asked me to move the crib away from the wall. Once I did she climbed in and grabbed these little figurines out. Amazing…she remembered where they were located.

This evening Katie started to do a little dance with her hands behind her back. It was a bit of a jig…Katie’s Jig. I’m not sure where she picks this stuff up…probably from some cartoon. My wife told me that she started doing this behind my LazyBoy but when she figured I wasn’t seeing her she moved to the front where I would notice her.

1) Katie is quite the entertainer.