Day #934 (Wed., July 25, 2012) – Henry And The Rocket Balloons

When I got home from work Henry was playing with Katie. Henry is the boy of Katie, the lady who is house sitting Lucy’s house. She left Henry with Katie while she went grocery shopping. Katie laughed and laughed at his antics as he pretended to fall off her toys and run into the walls.

When Henry’s mother returned I asked her if I could give him a present. She said yes, thanks for asking, and soon Henry, Katie (our daughter) and I were out in the driveway setting off rocket balloons. When all the balloons in one package where either bust or lost in the trees we called it a day, but I did give Henry’s mother another package so that they could set them off when they got home.

2012-07-25 - Keychain Penlight
2012-07-25 – Keychain Penlight

Not to be overlooked, just before Katie left with her children I gave her daughter a little Winnie The Pooh figurine. She dropped it on the floor but I made sure she got it before she left. We had to make sure that our Katie didn’t see it lest she get upset…

Katie’s “Special Present” tonight was a little keychain penlight (see photo to the right). I figured that she could use this as her source of light when we played “Tent” on the master bed.

1) Katie sure enjoys other kids and laughed and laughed when Henry came over to play with her today.