Day #942 (Thu., Aug. 2, 2012) – The Shattered Plate

2012-08-02 - Butterfly Wings
2012-08-02 – Butterfly Wings

I bought a “Special Present” for Katie today…some “Butterfly Wings” (see photo to the left). One set of red, one set of green and one set of blue. I was only going to get one set but as I was checking out of the Dollar Store I figured that Katie would like it if we all pretended that we were butterflies. Katie got a great kick out of it. We ended up putting them on her stuffed sheep as well.

Katie was having some chicken on a Corelle plate this evening when she tried to move the little table she eats at. It all happened so fast but one plate fell on another plate and before you knew it one of them shattered into a gazillion pieces on the floor (Corelle plates tend to do that). What a mess. Nobody was hurt but quite the clean up job lied ahead. When my wife got out the vacuum cleaner Katie got scared of it and started to cry. Never saw her respond to the vacuum cleaner in that way before.

1) I got Katie “3 sets” of butterfly wings at the Dollar Store today.