Day #943 (Fri., Aug. 3, 2012) – Parent’s Day Off

My wife and I decided that we would take today off. Having Katie in tow can make almost everything an ordeal so we decided that we would leave her with the babysitter and just have a day in which we two could do whatever we wanted. we thought about going to the CheeseCake Factory for lunch and then to see the Batman movie, but that was not to be…

Here’s what we ended up doing:
01) Japanese Hibachi Bistro for lunch…we were the first to arrive for the 11:00am buffet.
02) Stopped off at the Chick-Fil-A near SouthPoint Mall to see about the enclosed play area. Nice…something to think about when it is too hot outside for Katie to roam around.
03) I went to the gym.
04) Off to Cary to see the old house. The toilet was taken off in the downstairs bathroom…what’s up with that.
05) We talked to our neighbor Karen about some outstanding HOA issues.
06) Off to the market in downtown Cary to get some Lithuanian bread.
07) Got my wife’s glasses fixed.
08) To the mall area near the airport to check out the upcoming consignment sale.
09) Stop off at the Cafe Driade for coffee and tea. Try the strawberry tarte and pretzel bread…Delish!
10) Roam the Focal Point Gallery and talk to the manager.
11) Head home…arrived at 5pm.

2012-08-03 - Running In The Park
2012-08-03 – Running In The Park

When we got home Katie was playing with her blocks in the living room. Ramona our babysitter told us that she had a three hour nap. So, daddy, mommy and child all had a very nice and relaxing day!

This evening we took Katie to the community park near the rose garden to burn off some energy (see photo to the left). We happened to meet the couple and their little boy that we met outside The Loop Restaurant a while back. Katie and the boy enjoyed playing together.

1) Katie spent most of the day away from mommy and daddy.