Day #957 (Fri., Aug. 17, 2012) – Moonberries Frozen Yogurt

2012-08-17 - Musical Tricks
2012-08-17 – Musical Tricks

Another “Special Present” for Katie this evening. Today’s toy was a little toy magic kit (see photo to the right) that I picked up at the Dollar Store a while back. I should have read the directions and tested out the tricks before I gave it to her as soon all the various parts were scattered over our master bed. Hopefully nothing is missing as this will really prevent the tricks from coming off with a bang.

This evening we took Katie to Moonberries Frozen Yogurt near the SouthPoint Mall. It is almost exactly like Yopop Frozen Yogurt…in fact they have almost the exact same types of toppings.

After frozen yogurt it was time to burn off a little energy so we took Katie to Chick-Fil-A so that she could play in the play area. There were no kids there but she enjoyed running around the playing with the various games nonetheless. There were a couple of kids who were planning on coming inside to play but their father took them home instead…Katie started to cry…and this lasted pretty well til we got home. What a racket…

1) Katie had some Moonberries Frozen Yogurt this evening.