Day #960 (Mon., Aug. 20, 2012) – Dowels & Play Doh

2012-08-20 - Hammering Toy
2012-08-20 – Hammering Toy

Our friends from Charlotte brought a little hammer and dowel toy (see photo to the left) that Katie just loves. She will take the hammer and pound all the dowels through to the other side, turn it around, and rinse and repeat. Alas, there are two dowels missing and Katie searches through her other toys looking for them. She is such an organizer that when things are missing she tries to complete the set. So…

At lunchtime today I went to Home Depot to get some substitute dowels. I found a size that will work and cut it into smaller pieces so that it would fit into the toy. I even picked up some reddish-brown spray paint so that they two pieces I will be adding will have the same color.

Also while out to lunch I went to Food Lion and picked up some flour, salt, and food coloring. Why? To make some Play Doh. Not only will this be cheaper than the purchased alternative, it will ensure that there will be ready supply available when Katie wants it. I was thinking how much she will love to roll the dough flat and make pancakes and rolls and breads and such and “cook” them in her new kitchen…

1) Katie doesn’t like having two missing dowels in her hammering toy.