Day #969 (Wed., Aug. 29, 2012) – Toy Plastic Lion

2012-08-29 - Toy Lion
2012-08-29 – Toy Lion

Gwen is off today. Next week at this time Katie will in preschool, but today my wife took care of her. While they were out visiting the neighbors Katie all of a sudden said: “Let’s go home and sleep”. So, they packed up and went home and Katie had her nap.

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home from work today. Regular supplies but we especially needed apple juice and eggs for Katie.

When I got home I gave Katie another “Special Present”. This time it was a large toy plastic lion…to go with the elephant that I gave her the other day. She loves to assemble these animals on the master bed.

My DeWalt Drill came from Amazon today. The batteries for my cordless drill died and it was cheaper to just get a new drill. Now I will be able to continue putting safety latches on the cabinets and attach the mirror I got at Target the other day.

1) I gave Katie a plastic toy lion today as a “Special Present”.