Day #1003 (Tue., Oct. 2, 2012) – Crying Before Work

My wife left for work around 8am and when I got up Katie was crying like mad for her mother and Emily was trying to calm her down. To make matters worse the television was not working (thanks AT&T). Eventually we got it working and by the time I left for work she was in a better state.

2012-10-02 - Bathing Pete
2012-10-02 – Bathing Pete

This evening we had another walk around the neighborhood…or I should say that my wife and I did. Katie enjoyed a ride in the stroller. We are able to cover much more ground when Katie is not walking about and examining this and that. We made it past the bamboo this evening before we turned around and headed for home.

Just before she went to bed Katie decided that she would give Pete (a figurine from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) a bath…in her milk and cheerios (see photo to the left). What a mess.

1) Katie gave Pete a bath in milk this evening.