Day #1009 (Mon., Oct. 8, 2012) – School Fire Drill

My wife is feeling a lot better today but now I am sick. The early stages of a cold…sneezing and cold chills. I decided that I would try to work from home as best I could.

Katie is off to preschool today. Apparently they had a fire alarm. The teachers sent us an email that if our child happens to mention that they had a fire at school today to don’t be alarmed.

I’m trying to work in the bedroom and stay out of sight of Katie. If she sees me she will want to play…and today is a work day for daddy. My wife did send me the following email:

I put Katie to bed, she quietly laid down, no problems. Then I heard some action. After that – a proud scream: “I did it”! In a while: “mommy, I peed”. So – I go to her room and see a naked child. She managed to take her pajamas and the diaper off. I asked why she did it and the answer was: “because I peed. Now you can put a new diaper on me”. Go figure…

2012-10-08 - Clay Figures
2012-10-08 – Clay Figures

Katie was asking for red Play Doh this evening but we don’t have any. I did have a pack of modelling clay from the Dollar Store that I brought out. My wife did a great job creating some clay animals (see photo to the left).

Katie got up from her nap at 7:30pm this evening. It’s now 12:15am (Tuesday morning) and we just put her to bed. Let’s hope this works. We have no idea why she wouldn’t nap today. Perhaps she had some sugar at school today?

1) Katie got up from her nap at 7:30pm this evening…