Day #1022 (Sun., Oct. 21, 2012) – Fire Up The Grill

2:22am and Katie is up. She is very fussy so we gave her some children’s ibuprofin. She’s having “orange ice cream” right now and we are waiting for the ibuprofin to kick in…

This morning my wife took Katie to the park while I finished off assembling the grill. I had to go to Lowe’s to get some washers to finish it off but it is done. When Katie gets up from her nap we will go to Trader Joe’s for supplies then try it out.

Trader Joe’s was packed. I guess there was a UNC football game yesterday so people decided to go to get supplies today instead. About $275 worth of groceries…but we were low.

2012-10-21 - New Grill
2012-10-21 – New Grill

When we got home we tried out the new grill (see photo to the right) for the first time. We fired it up and had some steaks. Were they ever delish. We’re not sure why, but perhaps it is the same principle as the Popeil Rotisserie. At least now we know how to use the grill…just in time for the Halloween Party we will be having in about 10 days.

There is this tiny little plastic doggie that I got in the vending machine at CiCi’s Pizza a while back. Katie brought he plastic bubble to me so I opened it and gave it to her. Soon she was wrapping this little doggie (which is no more than 0.5″ long) into a full length blanket. I guess she figured it was cold.

My wife made some pumpkin muffins for Katie’s school tomorrow. The parents of the kids take turns bringing in treats. Somehow Katie managed to get her little hands on a couple and she picked up two…one for me and one for her. Mine was a little hard to eat because soon after she gave it to me she took it from me. She decided that we should eat them down on the master bed. So, I conformed and as soon as I got on the bed she took them back to the kitchen and put them back where she found them (with pieces missing I might add).

1) Katie calls ice cream by “color”.