Day #1026 (Thu., Oct. 25, 2012) – Pumpkin #2

When I came home from work this evening my wife and Katie were talking to Lucy and her dog Zack. They had just returned from Michigan where they spent the summer. Katie loves Zack…but Zack didn’t love my car very much as he was barking at it non-stop.

Katie was very quiet in the hallway as my wife and I ate dinner in the living room. We always grow concerned when Katie goes quiet…for good reason. As it turns out she made tiny little balls out of toilet paper and soaked them with water. What a mess…

2012-10-25 - Jack-O-Lanterns
2012-10-25 – Jack-O-Lanterns

This evening my wife asked me if Katie wouldn’t like to see me carve the second Jack-O-Lantern (see photo to the right). Not wanting to have to get up at 3am again I thought I would give it a go. We rolled the pumpkin out into the living room, put down some newspapers, and got started. I explained all the various implements to Katie and she was very helpful…at least she would hand daddy the appropriate tools when asked and didn’t “destroy” the pumpkin…which is what I feared.

Later in the evening Katie was sitting on my lap and we were watching “Go Diego Go” (which I call “Go San Diego Go”). She asked me to get out of the chair so she could sit down.

1) Katie loves to kick me out of the chair and the bed.