Day #1045 (Tue., Nov. 13, 2012) – Play Doh Acorns

My wife was busy this evening so I tended to Katie this evening. This can cause problems because once Katie realizes that her mommy is gone she goes looking for her. So, here’s the plan I implemented.

Katie loves “Special Presents”, so I gave her one. I have a “stash” of them from the Dollar Store. They are in the laundry room right now…I just had to go pick one up. I decided that I would give her a foam Spiderman puzzle. She loves puzzles and it will distract her…for a bit.

Secondly, I put on a television show that she would like. I heard her singing the “Bob The Builder” song so I put that on the television. Good choice…she watched it intently. You can tell when she is really in to something as it will hold her attention non-stop. Other shows, like “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Bubble Guppies” don’t do quite as well.

2012-11-13 - Play Doh Acorns
2012-11-13 – Play Doh Acorns

After making various animal cages out of the Spiderman foam puzzle we ended up making Play Doh stands for them. Soon we were playing with her collection of acorns. Soon Katie had me making Play Doh Acorns (see photo to the right). Once Katie gets the idea that she wants something out of Play Doh she will want another, then another, then another. I lost track after six…

Soon my wife returned and it was her turn to tend to Katie. Daddy needs a break…

1) Katie and I made Play Doh Acorns this evening.