Day #1046 (Wed., Nov. 14, 2012) – Playing Deer

2012-11-14 - Katie's Craft
2012-11-14 – Katie’s Craft

Katie made a little craft project about her family in school today. It basically entailed a paper doll of each of us on orange paper that was laminated (see photo to the right). We were to later learn that it was a placemat.

Katie came up to me this evening and said that she wanted a “Special Present”. I mentioned that she didn’t get “Special Presents” just for asking for them…she had to deserve them. I asked her if she was a good girl today and good at school. She sheepishly said “yes’. I’m not sure if this was true or if she was confused by the question. Oh well, give her the benefit of the doubt. Out comes the “Special Present”.

When my wife and I were in Cary a few weeks ago we visited a gun store called Gander Mountain that was having a Grand Opening. They were giving away a lot of freebies, and included was some paper cutouts of deer antlers. We got three of them, one for each of us, thinking that it would be fun to dress up as deer one day. Well, today is the day. My wife put one on, I put one on, and Katie…well Katie doesn’t like things on her head. As soon as I put them on she would say “Nooo” and rip them off. So much for playing deer…

1) Katie didn’t like the paper deer antlers we got her.