Day #1048 (Fri., Nov. 16, 2012) – TJ’s On Friday

2012-11-16 - Animals On Parade
2012-11-16 – Animals On Parade

Katie is all about organizing animals into a “parade” these days (take a look at the photo to the right).

Rebecca was not feeling well today so she called in sick. My wife ended up tending to Katie today so I will have to take care of Katie on the weekend so that my wife will be able to catch up on her work.

This evening we bundled up Katie and went to Trader Joe’s for Thanksgiving supplies. We find that if you wait til Sunday evening all the food has been picked over…and in fact some items are sold out. A good solution is to go to Trader Joe’s on Friday evening instead. It was a good choice…there was plenty of parking and lots of room to navigate about.

We ended up getting a turkey (we debated on whether we should just get turkey breasts instead). We also got all the fixins’ for green bean casserole, which seems to be a Thanksgiving Day staple in these parts. I thought about making a cherry cheesecake but we got a pumpkin cake in case it doesn’t materialize. Emily will be coming over for Thanksgiving and perhaps she is going to bring dessert.

We got some mandarin oranges as well…and they were a bit hit with Katie. It is always nice to see her take to something like this. It can be a real challenge to get something that she likes to eat.

1) Katie sure loves her mandarin oranges.