Day #1049 (Sat., Nov. 17, 2012) – Animal Organization

2012-11-17 - Tower Of Animals
2012-11-17 – Tower Of Animals

My wife wanted to work today so I took care of Katie. The plan was to go to the park but as it was a bit chilly outside I thought a trip to Toys ‘R Us would be a nice change of pace.

I was hoping that Katie would like to run around the store and see the various toys but once we ended up at the animal section that was about it. She really enjoyed organizing all the animals on the floor. When she was not looking I would scoop some up and put them back on the shelf so that other customers could walk by when they wanted.

Eventually I pried Katie away from the animals and we looked at other toys around the store. She enjoyed getting in and out of the various ride-on electric cars in the store. One of them was over $600…have toys ever gotten expensive these days.

This evening I played with Katie while my wife worked. We started off with a tower of animals (see photo to the left) out of dominoes. I put some of the plastic shot glasses on top of the flickering lights we got for the Halloween pumpkins. Once assembled inside the various cars of the train we were done…a flickering train of lights.

1) Katie had a great time at the animal section of Toys ‘R Us.