Day #1050 (Sun., Nov. 18, 2012) – Up Goes The Tree

Instead of taking Katie to the park today we decided that we would go shopping for a Christmas Tree. We found one…at Lowe’s, but we thought we would check out Home Depot as well, so off we went.

2012-11-18 - Christmas Tree
2012-11-18 – Christmas Tree

At Home Depot we picked out a new washer and dryer. My wife picked out a nice stainless steel LG washer and dryer (with stands)…they will deliver them on Friday. We were debating on getting them now, but since they offer no interest for 24 months, with a minimum of $25 payment, why not. We need a washer and dryer and the time savings will more than pay off in the months ahead.

We were thinking of putting the tree up the day after Christmas, but today was the day. My wife put it up while I took down the table in the laundry room…we are going to need the space for the new washer and dryer on Friday. You can see a photo of it to the left.

Katie handed my wife the various Christmas bulbs to my wife to put on the tree, and all was going well til my wife tried to put a bulb on this smaller tree we have. Apparently Katie wanted all the bulbs to go on the big tree and went into a tantrum when some were being diverted.

1) Katie helped mommy put Christmas ornaments on the tree today.