Day #1058 (Mon., Nov. 26, 2012) – Calling Daddy At Work

Today is Katie’s first day back at preschool after the Thanksgiving break. They had nature explorer class today…and they gave the children each a carrot that they grew in their school garden. Katie ate hers as soon as she got home…too bad we didn’t take a picture of it.

My wife gave me a call at work today. Katie was whining and acting up. I talked to her a bit and asked her how her day was. My wife and I talked about how we would be taking Katie on a sleigh ride this weekend, and that seemed to calm her down quite a bit.

2012-11-26 - Elephant Toy
2012-11-26 – Elephant Toy

When I got home my wife and Katie were visiting with Lucy and Zack the dog in our driveway. Katie used to call Zack by Znack…but she has gotten over that phase of her life.

One of Katie’s favorite toys these days is the “Little People Elephant” (see photo to the left).

This evening we made party hats out of colored construction paper. Katie put some finishing touches of paint on them. The great thing about this was that she stopped whining…she was quite a handful this evening.

1) Katie had a carrot from the school garden today.