Day #1061 (Thu., Nov. 29, 2012) – TJ’s Popcorn Tin

We are running low on supplies so we decided to stop by Trader Joe’s this evening. There is always the debate whether it is easier to do things like this without Katie in tow…but we figured that she would like to get out. It was a good night to go grocery shopping. For starters there were fewer people than are usually there during the weekend. The other downside with Sunday evening shopping is that some of the items are sold out.

2012-11-29 - Popcorn Tin
2012-11-29 – Popcorn Tin

As soon as we entered the doors we saw a huge Christmas tin of popcorn (see photo to the left). We know that Katie will love the popcorn but this has an added bonus…a great place to put her toys. With so many of her toys comprising of small parts, such as building blocks and tiny plastic animals, it’s always nice to have a large storage container to keep them in. This container has the added advantage that there is a lid.

When we got home I asked Katie what was the thing she liked the most about going to Trader Joe’s this evening. She mentioned about the guy who dropped some spaghetti sauce and the jar broke on the floor. Interesting that she should mention that…she cried and cried the time she spilt some milk and made a mess at Trader Joe’s. I guess this sort of thing stands out in her memory.

1) Katie loves her popcorn.