Day #1060 (Wed., Nov. 28, 2012) – Fighting Over The LazyBoy

My wife sent me an email while I was at work. She is running out of #6 diapers and needs me to pick up a new box. I’ll pick them up at Target on the way home from work. We usually get them sent to us via mail but they will not arrive til early next week.

We all know that Katie loves to jump up and down on our bed. What you may not know is that she really likes it when you grab her by the sweater and pull her back and forth. She will howl with delight. This child is such a physical child…she loves to be active and wrestle and run and jump.

2012-11-28 - Sunflower Seeds
2012-11-28 – Sunflower Seeds

My wife gave Katie some sunflower seeds today. The idea was to eat them, but Katie had other plans as you can in the photo to the right.

Katie and I are having a “battle” over the LazyBoy these days. As soon as she sees me coming from the kitchen towards the LazyBoy she will run over to it and sit down. When I ask her where I should sit she will point to the couch and say over there. A lot of the time she really doesn’t even want me to go away…this is her sign that she wants to have a bit of a wrestling match.

1) Katie painted the floor with sunflower seeds today.