Day #1064 (Sun., Dec. 2, 2012) – Katie’s First Treasure Hunt

We are not sure if Katie is coming down with something so to be on the safe side we decided to not take her to the park. My wife went to the final day of the consignment sale in Chapel Hill this morning and I took care of Katie.

2012-12-02 - Treasure Map
2012-12-02 – Treasure Map

While my wife was gone I drew up a treasure map (see photo to the right) with Katie and hid “the treasure”, the red piggy bank, at various locations around the house. I had to help her follow the map directions to find the treasure, but she had plenty of fun.

We had a real hard time putting Katie to sleep for her nap this afternoon. By the time we did it was late…so she got up at 7pm. It’s going to be a wild night here… We think that it might have been hard to put her to bed as she didn’t get to go to the park and “have her run”…

So, we bundled her up this evening and took her out to Southern Village to see the Christmas lights. Katie had a #2 on the drive so let’s hope that will help her to eat and go to bed easier when we get home.

1) Katie slept until 7pm this evening.