Day #1075 (Thu., Dec. 13, 2012) – Happy Saying Bye

My wife and I had to run some errands this morning so we left Katie in the capable hands of Rebecca…her babysitter. Katie really likes Rebecca…and vice versa. When she is with Rebecca she has no problem saying “bye” to mommy and daddy when they leave. This was not always the case with our other babysitters.

When I arrived home from work this evening Katie had some paper cutout antlers on her head. This was surprising as she usually doesn’t like to have anything on her head. In fact, the paper cutout antlers that we got from the gun supply store in Cary didn’t last long on her head during Thanksgiving. Perhaps this is yet another sign that she is growing up.

2012-12-13 - Dancing ShoesThe photo to the left shows a pair of Katie’s “dancing shoes”. She will put these on and dance around the living room to Lawrence Welk or “whatever”. She loves to dance and perform…

It’s great how children have a natural understanding of the need to hydrate themselves. After Katie is done running around she will mention that she wants some juice or milk. Adults are usually not this way.

1) Katie has no problem when mommy and daddy leave if she is with Rebecca.