Day #1076 (Fri., Dec. 14, 2012) – Hug A Bit Tighter

There was a terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, near Newtown, Connecticut, today. Around 20 children were killed by a gunman. This is a terrible tragedy under any terms…but especially when you have children of your own. I made sure that I gave Katie a bigger hug when she greeted me at the door this evening.

2012-12-14 - Walking The Dog
2012-12-14 – Walking The Dog

Katie has taken to walking her plastic toy dog as of late (see photo to the right). Won’t be long before we will have to get a “real one” for her.

Katie wanted a “Special Present” this evening so I gave her a Dollar Store bag of plastic crabs and scorpions. What could be better than that? She spent quite a while putting them on me and then pretending that she was “Katie Crab” and go about pinching me.

This evening Katie put her winter hat on all by herself and even latched it on by herself. This is the first time she has done that. My wife tells me that they learn this at school.

My wife also showed me another one of Katie’s talents. My wife would read a book about what dinosaurs do and Katie would act it out. For example “Dinosaurs twirl”. Katie would then repeat this phrase and twirl around. She got a great kick out of showing all these actions to daddy.

1) Katie loves to act out what dinosaurs do.