Day #1077 (Sat., Dec. 15, 2012) – Museum Of Life And Science

My wife and I took Katie to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham this morning. As we approached the museum and saw the Mercury rocket outdoors Katie started to giggle…she loves this place. Rebecca took her here for the first time a few weeks ago. We purchased some tickets for the “Winter Wonderland” train ride in addition to the annual membership we already have.

First stop was the Farmland Exhibit. Katie loved to see the pigs and cows and ducks. They even had an alpaca with a Beatles haircut. From there we visited the space exhibit, then took the train ride, then on to the butterfly exhibit (where we saw butterflies released), and then home. Katie cried when we took her from the museum…she wanted to stay…but as she was tired she soon calmed down.

2012-12-15 - Seal And BabyWe had a Skype session with my mother just before we put Katie to bed. Our neighbor Mrs. Sue stopped by to drop off the Christmas cookies that Brian and Susan dropped by earlier. She also had a present for Katie…a lovely mother and baby set of seal dolls (see photo to the right). Katie loved them and actually took them to bed with her for her daily nap.

The monitor wasn’t working so my wife went to check on it. She found Katie sleeping in the little opening between the dresser and the wall. No need for a bed when Katie is around.

This evening we went over to Brian and Susan’s house to decorate some Christmas cookies. Katie loved playing with Helen. We took home the cookies that Katie made.

I got the following email at 11:30pm this evening…

So I go to check on Katie and here comes another innovative sleeping solution. The head is on the bed (facing up), the feet are on the floor.

1) Katie has been experimenting with innovative sleeping positions as of late.