Day #1079 (Mon., Dec. 17, 2012) – Last Day Of School

2012-12-17 - Gifts From Ben
2012-12-17 – Gifts From Ben

Today was Katie’s last day of school before the Christmas Holidays. It appears that she traded gifts at school with Ben (see photo to the left) as she had a bag with his name on it. There were two candy canes, some stickers, and a straw with many Santa Clauses on it.

Katie also made a lovely ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. It featured a photo of her with a Santa Claus hat on set in wooden sticks in a triangle design. They colored it and added some glitter and other adornments.

When I got home Katie was telling me that Zach was crying. I guess that Zach misses Katie as much as Katie misses Zach. Even when Katie is nowhere to be seen he can hear Katie and will bark. Katie wanted to walk Zack so they walked a bit so Katie could walk him.

This evening I pretended that her teddy bear was chasing her around the house. She giggled with delight as she ran up and down the hallway and into the kitchen. She loved it when the teddy bear stroked her hair.

1) Katie traded Christmas gifts with Ben today.