Day #1080 (Tue., Dec. 18, 2012) – Cold Tuna

2012-12-18 - Gingerbread House
2012-12-18 – Gingerbread House

I was up early in the morning wrapping gifts for the “7 Days of Christmas”. It looks like they will be revolving around Katie as she is the joy of our lives. Now to somehow organize the program so that she will open only one gift per day.

When I got home from work I put the gifts for the “7 Days of Christmas” under the tree while my wife changed Katie. She just got up from her nap before I arrived home so she was a bit dazed…but she did understand the concept of opening a gift. Today’s gift was a Gingerbread House Kit (see photo to the right). I certainly knew of the concept when I was a kid but they have taken on a new meaning as of late…even Home Depot has a Gingerbread House Kit.

Katie helped my wife and I put it together. While I assembled all the main pieces my wife beat an egg white for the icing. Katie’s part in the process? I would put some icing sugar on the roof and she would decide which gumdrop or M&M would go where. Of course when Katie is involved all of one color must go first, then the next…

As we were assembling the Gingerbread House I told my wife I don’t think it is going to last long. I was right… Soon after we tool some pictures of it Katie started to take it apart. The first to go were the gumdrops…then the M&M’s… Oh well, a good time was had by one and all…

My wife made tuna tonight and hers went missing. She asked Katie if she knew where it was…and she did. She put it in the microwave in her toy kitchen. She thought it was cold.

1) Katie and mommy and daddy assembled a gingerbread house this evening.