Day #1081 (Wed., Dec. 19, 2012) – Blue Lollipop From Work

2012-12-19 - SpidermanI have a gym bag that I take with me to the gym. There are three straps on it. Two straps for the hand and one that will sling over the shoulder. Sometimes I carry it by the hand straps and let the shoulder strap just dangle. Katie will have none of that. As soon as she sees the shoulder strap dangling she will tell me that I missed something.

Katie usually runs to the door to meet me when I get home but she didn’t tonight. Preoccupied with all the other exciting things in her life I guess.

Today was Day #2 of Christmas so Katie got to open up another present. She had a hard time figuring out which one had the #2 on it so I helped her out. It was a Spiderman Action Figure. We built a tower out of Duplo blocks so that he could swing from it. Katie was able to balance it on top of the tower no problem…she is so careful.

Katie slipped and fell this evening so I knew exactly what she would like to cheer her up. I brought home a lollipop from work…a blue one. When I mentioned that I got it from work she told my wife this fact…she hears and remembers almost everything you say these days. We sat on the master bed and she sucked on her blue lollipop and we watched the movie “Cars 2” which I had recorded earlier in the day.

1) I brought home a lollipop for Katie from work.