Day #1086 (Mon., Dec. 24, 2012) – Tracking Santa

We called up NORAD this morning to see where Santa was. They told us that he is in Malaysia. When Katie heard this she wanted to go see him. I told her that he would be here soon.

For Day #7 of Christmas we gave Katie a Mr. Potato Head doll. She took great delight in taking the parts off of the doll and running away with them…wanting daddy to chase her.

2012-12-24 - Snakes And SuchThe photo to the left shows Katie playing with the package of snakes she got the other day.

I went downstairs and got three hooks for the fireplace mantel. We now have something to put our Christmas stockings on.

While Katie slept for her nap this afternoon my wife and I wrapped up the Christmas gifts. The most important thing is to get Katie’s presents wrapped…but we managed to get mommy & daddy’s presents wrapped as well.

We called up my mother this evening and had a Skype. Katie showed her the various accessories that my wife bought for her birthday party…it will be here before you know it.

Katie only had one accident today as far as potty training goes. She tried to make it to the bathroom but was just a bit too late. At least she tried.

I went to bed early this evening. When I got up around midnight my wife told me that Katie had just gone to bed. Apparently she found her sleeping on the floor in the midst of her books. We spend all this money on a nice bed for her and she sleeps on the floor.

1) We called up NORAD so Katie could see where Santa was.