Day #1099 (Sun., Jan. 6, 2013) – Ants On A Stick

2013-01-06 - Bear Mask
2013-01-06 – Bear Mask

Katie got a lot of birthday presents today. She spent most of the day playing with them. She went from one to the other spending a bit of time with each. The living room looks like a bomb hit it but oh well, Katie enjoyed the day.

Katie and I made a bear mask (see photo to the left) today out of one of the presents she received. In other words, I made it, but Katie picked it out for me. Yesterday she picked out the pig mask for my wife, and today she also picked out a rooster mask for herself. She has no problem with us wearing our masks, but she will only wear hers for a limited amount of time. Given the fact that we have a hard time even putting a clip in her hair this is quite an accomplishment.

It’s my wife’s turn to prepare snacks for Katie’s preschool tomorrow. She made some carrot muffins and “ants on a stick”? What are ants on a stick? I didn’t know either… They are celery sticks filled with peanut butter and raisins strategically placed up the stalk.

1) Katie spent a lot of time today playing with her birthday presents.