Day #1103 (Thu., Jan. 10, 2013) – Hiding From Ghosts

2013-01-10 - Zack The Dog
2013-01-10 – Zack The Dog

When I woke up this morning Katie was already in the LazyBoy watching some cartoons. When I came near to her she put on a big smile and snuggled closer as to hug me. My wife said “Awwww…”. Katie loves her daddy.

I thought I had better add a photo of Zack the dog…Katie’s playmate from the down the street (see photo to the left).

Katie and I played a game tonight while we watched “Little Bear – Goblin Night”. She would sit on my lap on the LazyBoy and whenever we saw a goblin or ghost on the show we would pull the blanket up over our head and pretend that we were scared. She loved this game.

My wife was tired this evening so she went to bed early. Time for daddy to tend to Katie. We started off by pretending that the futon was a train and that we had to bring supplies onto it for our trip. This lasted for a while but we soon ended up on the master bed watching Caillou.

Soon Katie wanted some cheerios with milk. Daddy brought a blanket to put under the bowl of cheerios to help contain any spillage. That turned out to be a genius idea…

Later this evening Katie surprised me by managing to open the front door. The screen door, although not locked, was hard to open. We will need to put a more secure lock to ensure that the outside stays out and Katie stays in.

After I went to bed my wife told me that Katie got into her hand lotion. She put it up on the top of a cabinet so that she could not reach it and here’s what Katie did:

1) Told my wife to “sit here and stay” on the futon.
2) Took a step and brought it over to the cabinet so she could get the lotion.

What will she think of next…

1) Katie got into my wife’s hand lotion today.