Day #1104 (Fri., Jan. 11, 2013) – Late Night Katie

2013-01-11 - Jungle Animals
2013-01-11 – Jungle Animals

It’s a rainy miserable day today. The idea was that Katie would be spending the day around the house but as soon as she saw Becca she said “Becca, where are you taking me today?”. They were soon off to the museum in Durham.

My wife gave Katie the tub of farm animals (see photo to the left) that we had originally planned for Christmas. With all the other presents it was decided to wait…til today. Amongst the collection was a small set of zebras.

Around 11:30pm I woke up. Katie was still running around and my wife was exhausted. Katie had gotten into her closet and was trying on some shoes. I helped her put on a pair of sneakers and my wife said that they were too big. Katie agreed and refused to wear them at that point, so I put on a pair of black shoes so Katie could “dance for me” as she calls it.

Soon we were out in the living room and watching “Team Umizoomi”. After some juice and a bowl of “cheerios and raisins” it was time for bed. After midnight…

1) Katie was up late yet again tonight.